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Vasque Hiking Boots

Vasque's ascent to the top of the hiking boots market began in 1965 with the Voyager, its very first boot. But it's not just about reaching the summit-it's about exploring farther, running longer, climbing higher. Vasque makes footwear that recognizes those ambitions. With a range of men's and women's hiking boots for trail running, crossover, hiking and backpacking, the Minnesota company shows that the options truly are endless when journeying outdoors.

Vasque Arrowhead

Go to the edge of the world in the Arrowhead. Vasque saw a need for more lightly insulated products in the hiking market, so its solution was this lightweight, athletically oriented boot. The Arrowhead is optimal for cold-weather activities and was designed specifically for snowshoeing. The ColdHold Compound on the outsole combines two densities of rubber to yield solid traction so the ground stays right where it’s supposed to. A zippered gator keeps snow out of the laces, and a Kevlar quicklace system makes for a fast transition in and out of the boot. The only question left is where you want the Arrowhead to take you.

Vasque Bitterroot

Explore Vasque Bitterroot hiking boots, which are durable and rugged enough for an all-day hiking or mountain climbing. The boots are treated with Gore-Tex to make them waterproof, yet the design makes sure your feet can comfortably breathe. A nylon lining and specialized insoles make sure every step is supported and cushioned. Vibram outsoles ensure you can walk on any terrain without feeling weighted down or losing your footing. Whether you are a serious mountaineer or an occasional backpacker, these boots give you functional gear that performs to the highest standard on every hike. With this footwear, you can focus on your activities without worrying about your feet.

Vasque Breeze

Hike in rugged terrain with the Breeze to encourage confidence and comfort. Good traction is a must, and the patterned Vibram outsole allows a firm grip with a shock-absorbing midsole taking the abuse of the trail. Water-resistant leather and nylon-mesh uppers give durable protection and are ideal for warm temperatures; combined with the Gore-Tex technology, the uppers let your feet breathe. Vasque's Integration Technology maximizes the performance of this footwear every time your foot strikes the trail. Keep the duration of the hike enjoyable with dual-density EVA insoles in sizes available for adults and children. Take on the trails in one of the most popular style of Vasque hiking boots.

Vasque Briza

It’s easy to be wooed by the Vasque Briza. This female-specific collection allures the day hiker with its light and attractive exterior. The Briza is built on a last just for the ladies—engineered with a narrow heel pocket, extra instep support and an adjusted heel-to-ball ratio. On the outsole, you will find a Vibram outsole with an exclusive, Vasque-approved design. Combine that with waterproof full-grain leather and suede with a molded EVA midsole, and there’s no stopping this ladies’ boot. It’s truly a fit women find irresistible.

Vasque Clarion

Discover the advantages of wearing Vasque Clarion hiking boots with features and a design to keep you hitting the trails in any season. The mid-weight design and highly breathable materials make this style comfortable and easy to wear again and again. Weight is kept relatively low by Cordura nylon panels, and Gore-Tex Stormsock booties allow your feet to breathe while keeping the boot moisture free. A polyurethane percussion midsole system ensures that every step is comfortable. The best part about these boots, though, is that they are constructed of highly durable, supportive and attractive Nubuck leather, making it a breeze to tackle trails with confidence.

Vasque Juxt

Trust Vasque Juxt hiking boots that are designed for rough terrain but are stylish enough to wear every day. These boots are constructed from suede and leather materials and come with permanent laces. The inside of these shoes are lined with waterproof insulation that guarantees protection in wet weather. In addition, these boots have a slip-resistant rubber sole. The EVA midsole inside the shoe offers both comfort and durability. Vasque OTG technology empowers you to take on hillsides and trails with ease. These boots are designed to fit the contours of your feet naturally, so if you are looking for a hiking boot that provides efficiency and comfort, this collection is the perfect choice.

Vasque Mantra

Stay light on your feet with Vasque Mantra hiking boots that are both light and durable. The Mantra incorporates features of a full-size, heavy-duty boot into a running-shoe design. This is ideal for less-intensive outings and hikes, such as day hikes and local nature trails; however, the versatile design is just as good for off-road running, biking or fishing trips. Polyurethane-coated leather uppers ensure your feet stay dry, while padded cuffs, dual-density footbeds and reinforced heels ensure your feet stay comfortable and well supported. When a larger boot style is too heavy, hot or constricting for your day hikes, you can count on the Vasque Mantra to provide stability, endurance and comfort in a lighter design.

Vasque Opportunist

Are you an opportunist? When an adventure presents itself, it’s nearly painful to resist. Just like a sunny afternoon can be the perfect opportunity to sneak out of the office for a quick hike. How could you say no? And when Vasque built a multi-purpose vehicle for your feet coincidentally named the Opportunist? Simply irresistible. The synthetic nubuck and leather uppers! The comfortably molded EVA! The stabilizing TPU plate! The Vasque off-the-grid outsole! Really, how could you pass up these bad boys? If you can’t, then you know that you truly are an opportunist.

Vasque Pendulum

As footwear trends swing from barefoot to beastly, it always seems to eventually level out. That’s when the Vasque Pendulum steps in at the center of the madness. With a 6 mm drop, the trail runner has natural running in mind. However, it doesn’t forego protection and cushioning in order to achieve that coveted forefoot strike. Better yet, it’s designed in a way that doesn’t penalize the heel striker either. Ultramarathon runner Duncan Callahan wear-tested early prototypes of the long-distance running shoe and provided input that led to further improvements found in the latest model.

Vasque Pow Pow

Wander the wintery wonderland with a hint of style in the Pow Pow. The 8-inch boot uses UltraDry waterproofing technology and Thinsulate insulation to keep feet comfortable in even the harshest of conditions. The waterproof suede leather upper nixes snow and slush, and the waterproof nylon panels improve flexibility and comfort. A women-specific fit boasts narrower heel pockets, added instep support and higher archers to boost comfort and performance. The rubber outsole features a versatile tread for great footing in winter conditions. There’s no need to fear the cold; the Pow Pow welcomes the challenge.

Vasque Rift

Seeking that perfect multisport shoe? The Rift will get you from the street to the trail without a single misstep. With a Vibram Spider outsole that is described as "ultra sticky," this low hiker can handle shifting slopes and terrain changes with ease. Additionally, its rubber toe gives an added layer of protection and traction. The triple-density EVA midsole offers stability while the leather upper is both breathable and protective. The sweet lace-to-toe lacing system allows hikers to adjust for optimal, customizable comfort. Because that's all you really need on any outdoor excursion. Mother Nature will take care of the rest.

Vasque Scree

Find yourself a pair of Vasque Scree hiking boots if you have any intention of hiking in a place where rain is the norm. These boots are incredibly resistant to all forms of moisture because of their unique design, featuring the UltraDry waterproofing system, and its molded rubber toe bumper. The outsole, Revolution with Stealth S1 rubber, is made with one of stickiest grips available, and the Arc Tempo feature allows for agility and speed over technical ground. Gain confidence with this boot and solely focus on the trail.

Vasque Skadia

Speed through your next hike in the Vasque Skadia. This lightly insulated boot for women is perfect for aerobic hikes, ones that have you zooming forward to see what comes next. A reflection lining with Thinsulate insulation keeps cold temperatures out and heat in so feet stay comfortable. The boot also features a ColdHold Compound, which is two densities of rubber that combine on the outsole to make the shoe optimal for cold and icy environments. Let the Skadia lead you to your next adventure.

Vasque Snow Junkie

Think of the Snow Junkie as everything you love in a winter boot but in a slimmed-down package. Its shorter profile reduces weight yet doesn’t sacrifice coverage in the process. The waterproof UltraDry membrane blocks rain from seeping in and still pushes sweat out so your feet stay as dry and comfortable as possible. TPU instep plates offer stability, and an EVA midsole gives cushioning for all day comfort. So no matter where adventure takes you, your feet will want to keep going.

Vasque Snowblime

The Snowblime might look like a traditional backpacking boot, but don’t believe the facade—the boot is loaded down with technologies to take your winter hike to the next level. Thinsulate insulation keeps the boot warm, and waterproof nubuck leather fends off any snow and slush. An UltraDry waterproofing system that combines waterproof components and a waterproof lining keeps the boots dry. When the going gets tough, the tough rely on the technological wonder that is the Snowblime.

Vasque Snowburban

Winter may be harsh. Not harsh enough to defy the Snowburban. It’s a performance, lightweight boot that thrives in cold weather. In fact, Vasque developed this boot for the most intense cold-weather conditions to make sure your trail never ends. The 8-inch style boasts Thinsulation insulation to retain heat while the UltraDry waterproof system makes sure water stays out. A Venture outsole sheds snow but not traction so the only way you can go is forward. Don’t let pesky weather stop you from having your best adventure yet.

Vasque St. Elias

For your next backpacking adventure in the wild, choose the St. Elias, Vasque’s high-end backpacking boot. It sports a new midsole system that has the compression resistance of polyurethane but is soft like EVA to keep you trekking along. The outsole was developed with Vibram specifically for Vasque and can withstand whatever terrain you place it on. The St. Elias is perfect for traditional backpackers who are used to carrying weight on their backs and are on the trail for multiple days at a time. With its long heritage in backpacking, Vasque continues to push the envelope to see what comes next.

Vasque Summit

Discover a new path in the perfect pair of Vasque Summit hiking boots. These attractive boots are made for rugged trips through dense terrain. Made with full-grain leather and a Gore-Tex membrane, they are able to withstand any weather conditions you encounter. Lining is made from a light nylon knit, which helps keep your feet dry. Shock pads, made from polyurethane, protect your feet when rocks and sticks emerge on the trail. With tough outsoles, these rugged boots make sure you can conquer any mountain peak, hill or valley. If you are a gutsy hiker who never takes "no" for an answer, the Summit provides the ruggedness you need to tackle anything.

Vasque Sundowner

The Sundowner is a mid-weight leather boot that merges a classic, timeless style with unparalleled strength. These Vasque hiking boots are lined with Gore-Tex, making it completely waterproof to keep your feet dry in soggy, muddy conditions. These shoes are available in brown or black and come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Medium-density rubber midsoles and dual-density EVA footbeds ensure your feet stay comfortable as well. Whether you wear it for light mountaineering, hiking, backpacking or any other activity, this footwear is sure to prove an invaluable addition to your wilderness gear.

Vasque Taku

Enjoy longer hikes over variable settings with Vasque Taku hiking boots that offer the ultimate in lightweight, waterproof protection. These hikers offer ankle and arch support while cushioning your feet in comfort. The nylon mesh linings help to absorb excess moisture and disperse it while keeping your feet warm and dry. Rubber toe bumpers help protect uppers and feet from premature wear and abrasions. Sturdy stitching and quality construction withstand the rigors of any landscape, while durable soles provide great traction, no matter what the weather brings. For comfort and durability, the footwear in this collection is hard to beat.

Vasque Talus

Back in the day, boots were made for the long haul. Due to their weight, hiking boots were also more difficult to haul around on your feet. The Vasque Talus gives a simple solution—keep that old-school vibe without all the extra weight that slows you down. The day hiker combines heritage elements explorers have come to know and love in a sturdy, lightweight package. The Talus features a mesh and nubuck upper with a polyurethane midsole that is known to have a longer life span than other midsole materials. Top that off with a durable Vibram outsole for a boot that's ready for anything—from an urban trek to a two- or three-day journey through nature's backyard.

Vasque Transistor

The performance of Vasque Transistor hiking-style footwear propels you to the next level. This footwear is designed to let your foot drop closer to the ground, which increases stability. Optimized for trail running, it is equally well suited to many other different conditions, such as sand, heat and snow. The lightweight design offers a Flux Foam insole that is stitched to enhance and provide stability that enhances the feel of the trail. Whether you are new to trail running or you have done it all your life, experience the sharp twists and turns with this innovative footwear.

Vasque Vector

The wilderness can be a trying place, especially when you wander through unfamiliar terrain. The Vasque Vector is an entry-level hiking boot built to withstand many miles of foreign landscapes. As your feet adjust to manage the twists, turns and bumps, the Vector moves right along with it. The heavy-duty construction and bombproof design make it a rugged choice suitable even for the most daring of hikers. A mesh and suede upper is paired with a rubber toe and heel cap that really comes in handy when surfing through rocky surfaces. With a midsole composed of rubber and EVA, the Vector guides feet with support every step of the adventure.

Vasque Velocity

Conquer Mother Nature with Vasque Velocity hiking boots that are practical and jam-packed with quality. The Nubuck leather with Airmesh nylon fabric provides support and comfort. Dual-density EVA offers maximum comfort and maintains the construction of the midsole while providing motion control on rugged trails. The full-grain leather uppers let your feet stay dry; the Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet cool. These lightweight boots help you move quickly without wearing down your stamina. These hiking boots allow you to take on the roughest terrain with confidence, while your feet stay dry and feel comfortable.

Vasque Venturist

Have you ever wanted a tech shoe doesn’t look so … techie? That’s what Vasque has cooked up with the Venturist. It’s a collection that packs in tons of features on the inside, but with a cool, classic outer shell. This tech-filled Trojan Horse is built on the Immerse 360 last—Vasque’s highest performing last that gives the foot support without suffocating it. A fit this calculated means the Venturist can take on the trail with the best of them. Add on the aggressive Trail Immersion outsole and a 3 mm flux foam footbed, and they’ll never see you coming.

Vasque Vista

New to the hiking scene? The Vasque Vista is pleased to meet you. A perfect option for newcomers, the Vista combines a classic look with the kind of technology adventurers have come to expect in Vasque hiking boots. A mixture of mesh and leather, the upper of the Vista locks water out yet still keeps air flowing throughout the boot. A molded toe bumper builds a wall of protection against rocks and debris. Constructed on the Quest outsole, the Vista can take on just about any terrain. The midsole is a stable combo of EVA and rubber ready to rock the trails all day long. And if you do that much hiking, you won't be such a newbie anymore. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Vasque Volta

If you’ve ever wanted to combine trail runners and hiking boots, here’s your chance. With to-the-toe lacing, the Volta collection empowers you to adjust the fit simply by tightening the laces. It makes for a real foot-hugging feel, especially on high-mileage treks with a gear-laden pack. The Gore-Tex lining regulates air flow inside the boot, keeping the temperature at an appealing level. The Volta uses Vasque’s Spine Technology to give cushion and support with every step. The padded tongue will serve as goalie for the rocks and debris trying to fight their way in. With the Volta, move with the kind of speed and agility that impresses Mother Nature.

Vasque Wasatch

Climb your favorite mountain trails in Vasque Wasatch hiking boots. These boots provide the perfect mix of comfort, grip, cushion and durability needed in the wilderness. They offer the perfect mix of style and ergonomic design with their waterproof, Nubuck leather uppers and polyurethane midsoles that keep your feet protected from debris while providing support that keeps you hiking longer. Hitting your favorite trail or embarking on a new adventure, never felt this good. Enjoy the mountains, desert or any wilderness area in these boots, and feel the quality of Vasque built into every pair.

Vasque Zephyr

The Vasque Zephyr is a heavy hitter. Weighing in at over 3 pounds, the burly boot brings home the comfort with a three-part midsole. This innovative midsole creates the perfect recipe of flexibility, stability and cushioning. Serious explorers and backpackers will love the powerful Zephyr for its out-of-the-box comfort, and its polyurethane EVA midsole. Moreover, its hybrid Summit Last has an athletic fit with a straighter forepart. A robust Vibram lug outsole grinds into the ground and pushes you onward with vigor. Let the Zephyr influence you to hike longer distances and push yourself to the next level. It’s only natural. - Your Hiking Boots Superstore

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