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Salomon Trail Shoes

Nobody knows mountaineering better than Salomon. The outdoor sports gear company was founded at an epicenter of exploration—the French Alps. Since 1947 Salomon has emerged as a world-class brand and innovative leader in hiking footwear. Its technology can be found in equipment for skiing, snowboarding and adventure racing as well as in hiking, backpacking and trail running shoes. Salomon trail shoes are known as the crème de la crème when it comes to trail runners.

Salomon Discovery

Lace up some Salomon Discovery hiking boots and discover the great outdoors. An EVA midsole absorbs shocks, and rubber toe reinforcement and heel caps protect against stray rocks and twigs in your path. Hike in rain or shine with a Gore-Tex lining that keeps moisture at bay. Heel Strap technology reduces the chance of blisters, so you can spend more time enjoying the views and less time worrying about your feet. Contagrip outsoles add durable traction on more challenging trails. The Salomon Discovery makes it easy to see what’s out there.

Salomon Eskape

On those days when you just need to get away, take a step away from your 9-to-5 with the Eskape. Whether it’s a day hike or an hour-long trek, this mountain shoe can carry you through any afternoon adventure. Even on rainy or snowy days, the Eskape’s GORE-TEX protection keeps feet moisture-free no matter the season. And a mud guard is in place for those seriously messy trails. With out-of-the-box comfort, it incorporates an injected EVA midsole to lengthen your time on the trail. Additionally, its Sensifit wraps the foot with a precise and secure fit. Escape the mundane today.

Salomon Exit 2 Aero

Trust Salomon Exit 2 Aero hiking boots to give you the footwear you need to blaze any trail. You need boots that take you wherever you need to go with traction that measures up when the going gets rough without weighing you down, and these boots offer lightweight construction and Contragrip outsoles to keep you surefooted. The open mesh lets your feet breath while it keeps the debris from building, and the mudguards and toe caps give your feet even more protection. These lightweight boots with split-suede leather uppers are perfect for your warm-weather treks and ensure your feet are comfortable and protected, regardless of where the trail leads you.

Salomon Fellraiser

Sometimes the trail isn’t so tame. A random rainstorm can turn a typical path into a mud-laden Slip ‘n Slide. With the Fellraiser, an ultimate traction provider, you’ll be unfazed by any soppy conditions. Deep and rugged lugs on the outsole act like talons, clawing the ground with every step. When the mucky moisture tries to invade your feet’s space, a quick-drying upper immediately combats it. The opposite of slow and soggy, the Fellraiser keeps you moving fast and light in a way that’s definitely more predicable than the weather. The perfect mud-running shoes will wow your feet in any condition.

Salomon Quest

Hike your favorite trail in comfort in a pair of Salomon Quest hiking boots. These boots are made for the young and adventurous explorer within your soul and mind. The rugged construction makes these capable of withstanding even the roughest of climbs and hikes. If you are seeking stability, this boot features a 4D Advanced Chassis midsole that controls flexibility, enhances stability and balance on slippery surfaces and reduces ankle strain. The inside of the boot is made for comfort with added heel foam, a specialty Ortholite sock liner and special Gore-Tex inner bootie for wet weather. When planning an adventure in the backwoods, enjoy these sure-footed boots.

Salomon S-Lab

Embrace the outdoors like an ultrarunner—someone who likes to trail run at an accelerated speed for an extended period of time. Kilian Jornet, a well-known ultramarathon runner, gave Salomon insights that inspired the S-Lab collection. The racing flats are super lightweight and extra low to the ground. How fast do they go? Jornet won a 100-mile race while wearing the shoe he helped design. You can even choose to go sockless. With extra rock protection, the feet will remain protected each magical mile.

Salomon Sense

Ready to hit the trail each day? The Sense collection showcases a training shoe that takes you from door-to-trail for every run. With technology borrowed from the Kilian Jornet-styled S-Lab series, the Sense can be worn with or without socks, which gives your feet direct access to the ground below. It’s light in weight and built to rack up the miles. If you’re used to landing on your heel or mid foot, the Sense will push your feet to land on the forefoot. Neutral cushioning provides support as you soar down a new path.

Salomon SpeedCross

You can tell just by looking at it—the Salomon SpeedCross was meant to take on some serious trails. Super aggressive lugs dig deep for insane traction, perfect for the toughest terrain you can dream up. These Salomon trail shoes stay lightweight with two layers of EVA midsole that provide shock absorption and reduce the impact from constant running. A water-resistant textile upper keeps moisture out when you encounter streams or wet trails. Slip a pair of the SpeedCross on your feet, and conquer your next outdoor adventure.

Salomon Synapse

Run your hike with the “first natural motion hiking shoe,” Salomon’s Synapse. This hiker is so performance driven that it helped set an Appalachian Trail run record. The innovative OS Muscle midsole propels your foot forward with each step, allowing a more natural stride. Cushioning in the heel combines with a protective toe cap for ultimate comfort and protection. Stay cool in the hot summer months with a breathable textile upper. Set your own record in the Salomon Synapse.

Salomon Tiana

Head out for a day of fun, and stay comfortable in a pair of Salomon Tiana hiking shoes. If heavy footwear weighs you down, this shoe is a great alternative. Its lightweight but still supportive enough to get you through those rougher trails. This shoe is made mostly from textile but has a sturdy rubber band along the toe. A foam heal protects you from impact, and breathable mesh lining ensures that your feet never get too wet with sweat or water. With a style that even has a removable footbed, you can keep that fresh feeling hike after hike. At 11 ounces, this style may not even feel like you are wearing a hiking boot, but the protection, comfort and support synonymous with the Salomon name is built into every pair.

Salomon X-Over

Reach new heights with your trail run when you try the Salomon X-Over. These hikers are constructed with the grip necessary for those jagged treks. Feel confident on whatever terrain you encounter while keeping things light in a breathable mesh upper. A 3D Advanced chassis system provides cushioning, motion control and energy management. The injected EVA midsole and Contagrip sole deliver comfort and stability. Stay versatile. Cover basic and technical trails in a pair of the Salomon X-Over.

Salomon X-Scream

The X-Scream is part of Salomon’s CityTrail collection, designed to help you see your city as if it were a backyard trail rather than a concrete jungle. You can seek out the physical challenges of trail running — up steps, through parks and winding down back roads — without ever setting foot on a single-track. In the X-Scream, the Sensifit technology in the midsole gives you a precise fit that prevents the foot from slipping and sliding on the footbed. To further add to the shoe’s comfort, the injected EVA foam cradles your feet in luxury. On the outsole, Contragrip rubber ensures a strong grip that won’t interfere with your cadence. Finally, the shoe comes with Salomon’s Quicklace lacing system. Simply pull, cinch and get out there.

Salomon XA

Strap on a pair of Salomon XA hiking boots for summer and spring conditions where it is far too warm for a full-length boot. The compact design of the Salomon style also increases mobility and speed with dual-density midsoles, Sensifit overlays and Contagrip outsoles, making it perfect for power walks and intense hikes or just a casual trail walk. This particular style is also appealing for your mountain biking and fishing expeditions because it provides lightweight and low-profile protection without sacrificing any range of motion. Roam the great outdoors in superior comfort and style during hot months with a Salomon boot design that resembles a reinforced running shoe more than a traditional boot design.

Salomon XR Crossmax

Get more mileage out of your trail running shoes in the Salomon XR Crossmax. These shoes were built to perform from door to trail. The brand stays true to their off-road roots, with aggressive Contagrip outsoles and added durability. But they also infused this lightweight shoe with motion control and stable cushioning, making it a true all-terrain vehicle for your feet. With footwear that’s this versatile, there’s nowhere you can’t go. Choose these Salomon trail shoes, and enjoy a seamless transition from road to trail.

Salomon XR Mission

Seek out new adventures in the Salomon XR Mission. Think of this as a lighter, lower version of the Crossmax. OS Tendon bars provide energy rebound with each step, helping you get the most out of your trail run. Features like a breathable mesh upper and well-padded midsole make this a comfortable option for any runner. These Salomon trail shoes offer the support of a hiking boot while maintaining the light frame of a running shoe. With the Salomon XR Mission, you’ll get the best of both worlds. - Your Hiking Boots Superstore

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